Psychological tests are one of the most complete methods of assessing cognitive and behavioral Psychological tests for autism, ADHD, behavioral and emotional issuesaspects of an individual, both children and adults, grounding its analysis on direct behavioral observations, measurement of cognitive skills, and self-report considerations.

This method is used by psychologists to assess different domains, ex. abstract thinking, intelligence, with the aim of discovering developmental delays, adaptive deficits and underlying personality disorders through objective measures (tests).

It is similar to a brain scan, like an MRI, whereby the physician tries to understand what is the underlying neurological condition of a specific problem so psychological tests provide very detailed information of the emotional, behavioral and neurobiological conditions.

Furthermore psychological tests evaluate a person's ability to regulate her mood, comprehension speed, cognitive (dys)regulation, (selective) attention, capacity to discriminate between stimuli, and inform the examiner on the extent of a specific cognitive deficit providing the information needed to create a targeted treatment plan with short and long-term goals. Often they are paired with neuropsychological tests. 

We offer more than 100 different tests to cover specific domains such as cognition, behavior, mood, adaptive skills, executive functions; they are part of psychological and neuropsychological batteries. They are available for children and adults.

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Neuropsychology is the study of an individual's cognitive and behavioral symptoms linked to neurological conditions. Clinical

Neuropsychological tests - the most advanced method of assessment

Neuropsychology assess how, and to what extent a neurological illness (ex. stroke) is impacting the daily functioning of the person (ex. memory), while neuropsychological tests provide detailed information on the level of impairment of the nervous system, and what interventions are feasible to treat the symptoms.

Neuropsychological tests provide objective measures of an individual's strengths weaknesses while at the same times identify changes and disturbances in neuro-cognitive functioning (ex. emotion) by correlating physiological (neuro-metabolism), psychological (ex. perception) and neuro-anatomical information (ex. stroke of the frontal lobe). Neuropsychological test's results provide guidelines for rehabilitation and educational planning to the examinee and the family. Click here to learn more.

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Individual therapy.


Have you lost interest in things you once found intriguing? Is it a challenge just to get out of bed in the morning? Do not despair,Individual counseling - everybody is uniquethe sun can shine again.
Whether you are experiencing personal challenges or frustrated in a relationship, I offer a wide variety of services that can help you with your individual needs. I have experience in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, schizophrenia, anger and impulse control issues, body image issues and relationship problems.
In my individualized one on one therapy sessions, we can extract the deep seeded underlying issues that affect your everyday life. Click here to learn more.


Couples counseling - the joy is being togetherCouples Therapy is often dreaded and used as a last resort, but it does not have to be!

Couples therapy sessions are designed to enhance communication between individuals and allows each person to voice their opinions and be heard in a safe neutral area.

Together we will explore each of the individual feelings, experiences, and challenges of your journey to finding personal fulfillment. By working together we can Identify interlocking vulnerabilities in your relationship that will allow room for healing to begin. click here to learn more.

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Family relationships sometimes suffer when tensions arise and are not resolved. Unresolved issues can fester under the surface Family counselingfor years, even after everyone has forgotten what the initial problem actually was.

Family therapy allows family members to discuss concerns and feelings in an environment where each member has an equal voice. Therapy can help families who are experiencing a wide variety of issues such as financial, the death of a loved one, mental illness, substance abuse problems, chronic illness, eating disorders, academic stress and much more.

Giving each family member a voice will enhance communication and help each individual realize and understand what the rest of the family is struggling with. Click here to learn more.

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