Frequently Asked Questions

(Psychological Tests)

What kind of tests do you provide?

We provide psychological and neuropsychological tests.

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How will you communicate the results?

Once the tests are completed we need about 2 – 4 weeks to generate a comprehensive report. We will meet to discuss the results, the findings, eventual diagnoses and we will suggest what treatment interventions are appropriate. 

The report varies from 12 pages to 60 pages or more, so it is important to allocate sufficient time to go over the results.  

If the tests were requested by your physician (ex. your neurologist) we will provide a copy to your neurologist. 

What is a psychological assessment?

Psychological tests are one of the most complete method to assess cognitive and behavioral aspects of an individual’s personality, founding its analysis on direct observation of a person’s behavior, cognition, along with self-report considerations.

This method is used by clinical, school and forensic psychologists to assess different domains (ex. abstract thinking, intelligence, intellectual disabilities) with objective measures.

It is similar to an MRI scan of the brain whereby physicians try to understand what is the underlying neurological condition, so psychological tests provide very detailed information regarding emotional, behavioral, psychiatric and neurological conditions. We offer a series of psychological tests for children and adults.

Usually it involves an initial interview, a gathering of medical records, testing session(s) and a feedback session.

We do not employee assistants, our doctor does the test at the office, and interpret the score obtained on the tests. Occasionally, you may be asked to complete some forms at home, such as to fill out information about the medical history. If appropriate and after you have provided us with written permission, we can talk to other people (ex. doctors, family members).


Can I leave your office during my child’s testing sessions?

Only if your child is at least 16 years old or older. 

Parents usually stay in the waiting room throughout the test session.

We do not offer any type of child supervision as we need time to prepare testing material. It is advised to have a charged cell phone on testing day so we may contact you as needed. 


Who can receive Psychological or Neuropsychological tests?

Everybody can be assessed by a psychologist for his cognitive strengths and weaknesses, however most insurance plans cover only when the assessment is medically justified (eg. ADHD).