If receive treatment at your office, can anyone find out about it?

NO. The content is strictly confidential.

However you can, at any time, authorize the release of your records according to federal laws and our office’s policies. This means that if you contact us by phone, by fax or email and asks us to release your records to a third party we may not be able to proceed without first authorizing us in written.

If you want someone else to be informed that you are receiving, or have received, services at the PMMT (ex. your lawyer), you must sign a specific authorization to disclose information. The PMMT may keep paper copies of your file or electronic records.

Information about your contact with the Counseling Center will not be shared with others outside the Counseling Center without your written consent, except in specific circumstances described below:

  • You are, or your dependent child is, a danger to yourself or others;
  • The information involves the abuse or neglect of a child, developmentally disabled person, or dependent adult. Therapists are required to report such incidents to authorities;
  • You bring charges against your therapist or the counseling center;
  • You are obtaining therapy to avoid jail or commit a crime;
  • You are using pedo-pornographic material, including downloading from the internet;
  • We receive a court order for your records.

There are other cases not mentioned above where we are required to provide your medical records to the requesting party, if this is a concern for you asks your therapist how you can protect your privacy or consult with your attorney before disclosing any information in therapy.

If receive treatment at your office, can anyone find out about it?