Document uploads – Adult

Documents Upload - Adult


All copies of Driver License and Insurance cards must be front and back, no exceptions.


Required documents for Psychological and Neuropsychological tests:

      • Driver License or other State issued Identification Card
      • Insurance card/s (primary insurance and, if the case, secondary or supplemental insurance)

 Required documents for Counseling and Psychotherapy (adults and children):

      • Driver License or ID
      • Insurance card/s (primary insurance  and, if the case, secondary or supplemental insurance)

Previous evaluations (whether done in school or privately)

      • Entire copy of any previous evaluation, including medical reports, school assessments, psychological evaluations. 

Physician's Referral for testing or counseling

      • Referral slip

Medical record (including CT-Scan, MRI, EEG, PET-Scan and X-Rays)

      • Please have the results faxed directly to our office, our Fax # is: 323-801-8264
      • Brain scans: please provide us a copy of the CD you received at your physician's office before the starting of your testing.