Frequently Asked Questions

(Neuropsychological Tests)

What kind of tests do you provide?

We provide psychological and neuropsychological tests.

Please follow this link to find out more about our services.

When do I pay my co-payment or my deductibles?

Your co-payment is expected at the time we meet. Once your credit card is added to your chart you are billed for your share of the cost (ex. co-payment). your insurance is billed for the remaining part of the balance.

Upon request we can provide a billing statement usually at the end of your last scheduled session. 


How will you communicate the results?

Once the tests are completed we need about 2 – 4 weeks to generate a comprehensive report. We will meet to discuss the results, the findings, eventual diagnoses and we will suggest what treatment interventions are appropriate. 

The report varies from 12 pages to 60 pages or more, so it is important to allocate sufficient time to go over the results.  

If the tests were requested by your physician (ex. your neurologist) we will provide a copy to your neurologist. 

Can I leave your office during my child’s testing sessions?

Only if your child is at least 16 years old or older. 

Parents usually stay in the waiting room throughout the test session.

We do not offer any type of child supervision as we need time to prepare testing material. It is advised to have a charged cell phone on testing day so we may contact you as needed. 

Can you fax or mail my test’s results to my provider?

Yes, we can mail, fax or email your test’s results to your provider.

Please follow this link for instructions.

Can you fax or mail me my test results?

Yes, we can mail, fax, or email your test results at any time.

Please follow this link for instructions.