Appointment Confirmation

Appointment Confirmed

Thank you for trusting Pasadena Clinical Group with your medical and psychological needs.

Here are the next steps:

  1. Within the next few minutes you will receive an email confirming your appointment, along with the link to access our online office.
  2. You will also receive 3 short forms to fill out online (no printing is required). We must receive these forms at least 24h before your appointment’s date so the doctor can review them before your office visit. If you have scheduled an appointment that is less then 24h ahead of time, please complete the form as soon as possible.

What you need to complete these forms:

  1. A valid state or government ID (ex. driver license)
  2. A copy of your insurance card.
  3. If you have a co-payment, you will be required add a valid credit card number. All co-payments are charged at the time of the visit.



Please note: all our appointment are being conducted online due to the COVID19 pandemic.